Do you live in McHenry County and are looking for the best pizza places around? In this video, we're going to look at the top 10 pizza places around McHenry County. We’ll look at the Google ratings of each location to see how their slices stack up against the competition.

#1: Buddyz Pizzeria

The first pizza place on our list is Buddyz Pizzeria in McHenry. With a Google rating of 4.4 stars, this location features an open floor plan, outdoor seating, and sits on the McHenry Riverwalk. That makes this place a perfect environment for spring and summer nights.

#2: Nick’s Pizza And Pub

Next up is Nick’s Pizza and Pub in Crystal Lake with a Google rating of 4.5 stars. So stop by the big barn right off Pyott to enjoy a piece of delicious pizza. Don't forget Tuesday nights, as they offer a two-for-one deal that you can’t beat.

#3: Street Slice Pizza

The new kid on the block in McHenry County is Street Slice Pizza. Located in the suburban village of Huntley, this place already has 4.7 stars on Google. It was born with an idea that will change the pizza scene in the suburbs forever. They're off to a great start, so make sure to give them a try as they have really good pizza.

#4: Sal’s Pizza

Another place you’ve got to try is Sal’s Pizza. They have two locations—one in Huntley and one on the east side of Algonquin—both with a 4.5 Google star rating. While Sal’s is delicious, they do come with a hefty price tag, so be sure to keep it in mind.

#5: Nancy’s Pizza

Are you looking for an old-school place for a pie? Try Nancy’s Pizza in Crystal Lake, Illinois. With a Google rating of 4.5 stars, this staple has been around since I grew up in Chicago. I remember having Nancy's pizza for dinner many times as a kid. Nancy's is named after its original owner's wife and they're located in mostly the Midwest, with franchises in Arizona and Georgia

Fun fact: I almost bought into the Nancy's pizza franchise twice, once when I was 20 and once about five years ago. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the numbers to work for me financially, and I had to back out. But if you are in the area, give Nancy's in Crystal Lake a call. They’re locally owned by good people and make delicious pizza that you don’t want to miss.

#6: That’s Amore Pizza

Another delicious option in Crystal Lake is That’s Amore Pizza. Rated on Google at a 4.5, they have excellent food and warm customer service.

#7: Dino’s Pizza And Pasta

Next up is Dino's Pizza and Pasta in Lake in the Hills, Illinois, with a Google rating of 4.6 stars. Dino's Pizza and Pasta is a small, family-owned and operated restaurant in the heart of Old Town Lake in the Hills. It’s located off the main roads and not where you would expect to find it, but it really does come recommended and offers delicious pizza.

#8: Antioch Pizza Shop

Another delicious pizza place is Antioch Pizza Shop with a Google rating of 4.4 stars. They come highly recommended and are famous for their double-decker pizza that’s loaded with melted mozzarella cheese and fresh toppings. I haven't tried this one yet, but it's definitely on my list to try.

#9: Fox Hole Tap And Pizzeria

Up next is Fox Hole Tap And Pizzeria. Its Google rating is 4.3 stars, and the reviews all rave about the unique experience, wonderful staff, and amazing pizza. Full disclosure, I haven't tried this place yet, but it also comes highly recommended.

#10: Napoli Pizza

Lastly, we have Napoli Pizza in Woodstock with a Google rating of 4.4 stars. This family-owned pizzeria has been around since 1980. Most of the people we polled led us right to this excellent option for pizza in McHenry County.

BONUS: Tufano’s Pizzeria

Finally, my favorite pizza place is Tufano’s Pizza in Huntley, Illinois. Its Google rating is 4.2 stars, though they really should be a 4.6 or 4.7. Tufano’s has one of the best tastes and values in the area. And if you're not a fan of extra sauce, make sure you request easy sauce because otherwise, they will load up your pizza with sauce. My family is split right down the middle. A few of us love extra sauce, and a few of us find ourselves scraping off the sauce. But you know how the saying goes: happy wife, happy life.

Grabbing Pizza In McHenry County

I hope this gave you some insight into the best pizza places in McHenry County. So get out there and explore some of these excellent pizza places. When you're out there exploring, if you find any others, I'd love to hear from you. So make sure to comment below with what you find out there on your daily search!

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